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Prairie Heritage Center Goals
The Prairie Heritage Center's role in environmental education will be a valuable asset to our region, yet by no means it's only goal! The Center will also focus on the preservation and protection of our natural heritage, as well as emphasising the importance of our area's cultural heritage. Furthermore, the Prairie Heritage Center will work to encourage recreational opportunities and the economic development possibilities that grow from these activities.


The Prairie Heritage Center will provide a dynamic location for presenting educational programs to people of all ages. The site will include classrooms, exhibit areas, demonstration plots, and interpretive trails. Classroom/field experience, research opportunities, historical investigation, and recreational activities will be offered to school groups, civic organizations, and the general public.

The Prairie Heritage Center will instill the desire to preserve and protect our prairie heritage. History can be understood by looking at the changes in our land. Prairie once covered 99% of O'Brien County. In the span of one generation, the land changed from a diverse ecosystem of prairie to a monoculture of cropland. This site will demonstrate prairie restoration and provide information and help in preserving and re-establishing the prairie. An understanding and care for the environment, preserves our quality of life.


The Prairie Heritage Center will encourage economic development with opportunities for recreation and historic exploration. The center's site is part of a larger prairie complex that has been nationally recognized in the "Watchable Wildlife Program" and as an "Important Bird Area". The site is located along the Old O'Brien Glacial Trail Scenic Byway. Public areas exist for hiking, cross country skiing, snowshoeing, and canoeing. Canoe access onto the Inkpaduta canoe trail, on the Little Sioux River, is present with the Burnt Bridge Canoe Access nearby. Hunting and fishing are popular in the area. Thirty five archeological sites are located nearby. Tourists and other visitors will use the center for a starting point, or a stop over location for these activities. Increased use of the area will increase the revenues of local communities for motels, restaurants, and gas stations as well as open new opportunities for things such as recreation equipment rentals and guided tour services.

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